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External Exhaust Valve: G3-M/G3-ME


External Exhaust Valve is most effective to prevent leak testers from contamination when testing parts contain water and/or oil inside.

Edge & Function


●When small amounts of water, oil, or similar substances are remained inside tested part or when it is used in a testing device which is used in combination with water-dunking, such foreign matter could contaminate the tester when air is exhausted and cause malfunction.
Such malfunction can be setting up this exhaust valve unit close to WORK.

●It uses a special air-operated valve with a structure which is resistant also to solid waste.

●The movement of the exhaust valve can be controlled by the tester body.

Pneumatic Circuit


Maximum Operating Pressure 800 kPa
Proof Pressure 1.0 MPa
Connection Diameter Rc1/4
Pilot Pressure Source 400 ~700kPa

(Applied from Air Leak Tester)

Accessories ilot Pressure Source

Tube Diameter: 4 mm  Length: 3 m

Outer dimensions W116 L110 H100 mm

Including Mounting Brackets and Parts

Applicable Leak Testers Low and Medium Pressure Leak Testers which are applicable for External Exhaust Valve Ready