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Flow gauge Mass flow gauge DF-231BA


Highly responsive (99% response 300ms)
Mass Flow sensor

Flow gauge equips the highly responsive (99% response 300ms) Mass Flow sensor. Due to Mass Flow sensor characteristics, no need to correct temperature and pressure.

Edge & Function


*With Mass Flow sensor equips, no need to correct temperature and pressure.

*Highly responsive sensor instantly measures the flow rate

*Multi-function display is ideal for various measurements

The number of Channels 10 Channels available
Upper/Lower Limit 4 levels (HH, HI, LO, LL)
Zero Adjustment One-push zero adjusting method
Auto Zero Auto Zero button
Display Hold Hold button
Display Response Digital filter (High, Medium, Low)
RS-232C 1200, 9600, 19200bps switchable
BCD output Open collector
Display Digits 3.5 digits (1999) / 4.5 digits (19999)
Sampling Time 250ms/50ms switchable
User Span 0.001~9,999 (Default 1.000)


Flow range 500 mL/min
2, 5, 20, 50, 200, 500 L/min
Pressure media Air(*1) and specified gases(*2)
Accuracy F.S up to 20% ±3% of rdg ±1 digit
200,500L/min : ±5% of rdg ±1 digit
F.S 20% or less ±1% of rdg ±1 digit
Ambient temperature 0 to 50℃ (Accuracy is guaranteed only for +10 to 35℃)
Pressure Range ‘-70kPa to 1MPa
200,500L/min : -35kPa to 1MPa
Withstand Pressure 1.5MPa
Response Approx. 300ms/step response 99%
Pressure Loss Up to 2kPa
Pressure connection port 50mL/min or less : Rc(PT)1/4
200mL/min or more : Rc(PT)1/2
Power source 24VDC ±10%, 0.3A max (AC Adaptor is included)
Dimensions Display W140×H66×D172
Panel Cutting Cutting Size : W133xH61 mm

(*1)Provide a filter on the pressure inlet side of the sensor to prevent any mist or contaminants entry
(*2)Specified gases include argon, carbon dioxide, natural gas 13A, methane, propane and butane. That gas coefficient is specified but the accuracy is not guaranteed.




(1) Flow Range (2) Option (3) Power Source
Code Measurement Range Display Code Description Code Description
500ML 0~500mL/min 000~500 F1 5V Analog Output VG AC adaptor, 100V cable 3m
2L 0~2L/min .000~1.999 F2 10V Analog Output VH AC adaptor, 240V cable 2m
5L 0~5L/min 0.00~5.00 VJ Without AC adaptor
20L 0~20L/min 0.00~19.99
50L 0~50L/min 00.0~50.0
200L 0~200L/min 00.0~199.9
500L 0~500L/min 000~500