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DP Leak Tester Compact Type


In pursuit of excellent detection ability and cost performance

The LS-1866 is a DP air leak tester for testing the airtightness of all types of components/products, and allows for the automation of the leak testing process

●Equipped with high sensitivity/highly pressure resistant DP sensor as well as a heat resistant air controlled valve
●The basic circuit, a high-performance, exceptionally safe intelligent air circuit runs checks on valve operation and sensor sensitivity during each test.
●The master preset function and NR mode function make possible an improvement in detection ability and a decrease in test times.
●Channel functions are also available, allowing for compatibility with many types of workpieces.


Differential pressure Minimum display 0.1Pa(Standard)
Display range ±999Pa
Excess pressure on sensors 5Mpa
Leak volume display range 0.00~±999mL/min(Auto range
Alarm setting range 0~±999
Number of Channels 16
Timer setting range 0~999.8s (Setting is infinite)
Power Source AC100~240V±10%, 50/60Hz, 70VAmax
Test pressure source Uses clean air. The original pressure must be sufficiently higher than the test pressure.
Pilot pressure source Applies 400 to 700kPa of clean air.
Pipe connection diameter Rc1/4 (air pressure source, workpiece piping, master piping), 6mm one-touch joint (pilot air source) (the pilot air source of pressure range M, L are connected to the air pressure source with a 6mm tube.)
Transmission function Serial port RS-232C (printer mode setting possible)
Ambient temperature/humidity 5 to 40°C/80%RH or less, however no dew condensation
Weight Approx. 6.3kg (H type: approx. 8kg)
Standard fittings and accessories (Fitting to main body) regulator, oil mist separator, filter regulator for pilot pressure
(Accessories) Quick mounting bracket, interface connector, power cord, inspection report, user manual, traceability documents



①Pneumatic Circuit A1 Intelligent 1 Pneumatic Circuit
AS01 Micro Volume Circuit
②Pressure Range L Low Pressure(With a regulator)10kPa~ 95kPa
M Medium Pressure(With a regulator)50kPa~ 800kPa
H10 High Pressure(With a regulator)100kPa~ 990kPa
H15 High Pressure(With a regulator)0.5MPa~ 1.5MPa
V Vacuum Pressure(With a regulator)-5kPa~ -100kPa
(Depends on the barometric pressure)
③Option D4 Wide Range:DPS Sensor Range 10kPa