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Specialist in Air Leak and Flow Test. We provide complete solution for all your leak testing needs

Expert Consulting

  • Understand customer demands and offer optimum solutions
  • Understand customer demands and offer optimum solutions
  • Test parameters and methods consulting
  • Sample test carried test components and result provided.
  • Help you to choose the right method of testing with suitable product or Help to choose the right method of testing with suitable product.

Quality of Products

  • Comply with Japanese standards
  • Maintain traceability to Japanese standards.
  • ISO/IEC17025 accredited services available through Japan HQ.

Complete Solution

  • Manufacture of jigs for installing in existing Machine
  • Manufacture of full LTM with suitable leak tester. (Instead of chosen, We can use suitable leak tester)
  • Provide support for old jig modification.
  • Manufacture of Special Purpose couplers and connectors.

Quick response & Service

  • Fast and prompt response to customer enquiries.
  • Maintain sufficient stock always to respond to customer needs quickly.
  • Provide support with communication and machine interface

Training & Educating

  • Training to customers on Leak test operation.
  • Special seminars and workshop for QA analysts and managers
  • Leak test benefits and choosing right method


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