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Laminar Flow Gauge DF-241BA


This flow gauge is ideal for flow or leak test in the production line

Highly accurate and highly responsive sensor instantly measures the flow rate. DF-241BA is ideal for flow or leak test in the production line.

Edge & Function


*High Accuracy ±2% of F.S.

*Highly responsive with Laminar flow tube

*Various flow ranges available

*Stability and durability using highly accurate and high proof pressure DPS

*Temperature sensor for automatic temperature compensation

*Multifunctional display designed to meet various measurement requirements

Multifunctional display
Number of Channels 10 channels
Upper/Lower Limits 4 Settings: HH, HI, LO, LL
Zero Adjustment One push Zero method
Auto-Zero Auto-Zero button
Display Hold Hold button
Display Response Digital Filter (High, Medium, Low)
RS-232C 1200, 9600, and 19200 bps switchable
BCD Output Open Collector
Display Digits 3.5 digits (1999) and 4.5 digits (19999)
Sample Rate 250 ms and 50 ms switchable
User Span 0.001 to 9.999 (Default: 1.000)


Laminar Flow Tube Flow Range 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 mL/min
1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 30, 50, 100, 200, 500 L/min
Pressure Media Air
Accuracy ±2% of F.S. ±1 digit
Conversion Temperature / Atmospheric Pressure 20℃ (or 0℃)
Flow rate is based on 1 atmospheric pressure
Operating Temperature 5 to 35℃
Test Pressure Depends on the selected flow ranges
Temperature Sensor Built in the Laminar Flow Tube or connected to the outlet of Laminar Flow Tube
Generated Differential Pressure Approx. 0.6 kPa at F.S. flow
Pressure Loss 150% of Measured Differential Pressure
Port Size Differential Pressure Connection Port: Rc 1/8
Flow Sensor Connection Port: Refer to “Laminar Flow Tube Flow Ranges” on the next page
DPS Proof Pressure 1 MPa (PT-110FC-A), 10 kPa (PT-103B-A)
Power source 24 VDC ± 10%, 0.3A max With A/C Adaptor
External Dimensions Display: W140 × H66 × D172 mm
Panel Cutting Dimensions W133 x H61 mm




(1) Flow Range (2) Line Pressure (3) Option (4) Power Source (5) Conversion Temperature
Code Unit Code Unit Code Description Code Description Code Description
B Low Line Pressure Sensor *1 VG AC Adaptor
100V Cable 3m
S Conversion at 20℃
F1 5V Analog Output VH AC Adaptor
240V Cable 2m
N Conversion at 0℃
F2 10V Analog Output VJ Without AC Adaptor
F3 Match with Display

*1 Low line pressure sensor (PT-103B-A) is used at 10 kPa or lower


Laminar flow tube flow range

Model Flow Range
(Atm Pressure)
Maximum Line Pressure Port Size Temperature Sensor
LF-104 N – 10C 0 to 10 mL/min 990kPa R1/4 Built-in
LF-104 N – 20C 0 to 20 mL/min
LF-104 N – 50C 0 to 50 mL/min
LF-104 N -100C 0 to 100mL/min
LF-104 N -200C 0 to 200mL/min
LF-104 N -500C 0 to 500mL/min
LF-104 N –  1L 0 to 1   L/min 700kPa
LF-104 N –  2L 0 to 2   L/min
LF-104 N –  5L 0 to 5   L/min
LF-104 N – 10L 0 to 10  L/min 500kPa R1/2
LF-104 N – 20L 0 to 20  L/min
LF-104 N – 30L 0 to 30  L/min
LF-105B N – 50L 0 to 50  L/min 350kPa
LF-105B N -100L 0 to 100 L/min
LF2-200L 0 to 200 L/min 50kPa R3/4 Connected to the outlet of Laminar Flow Tube
LF2-500L 0 to 500 L/min