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NL select valve

NL-S2 Series

Air Leak Testers

Air Leak Tester is the automatic leak detector detects any leaks by the minute change of differential pressure and conducts OK/NG judgment. Ideal to be built into a production line for a laborsaving and a quality control purpose

Air Flow Testers

Variety ranges from F.S.10mL/min to F.S 500L/min are available. Promotes an automation and a laborsaving of the measurement

Helium / Hydrogen Leak Testers

Helium Leak Tester adopts the new testing method and Helium Leak Tester adopts the new testing method and


All Manometer comes with a traceability. Wide range of Manometers, from a micro pressure (F.S. 200Pa) to a high pressure (F.S. 50MPa) are available


Peripheral instruments are used with Air Leak Tester in order to enhance its functionality and convenience

Sound / Vibration Analyser

We determine the acceptability of the sounds and vibrations of products using our special analyses developed in-house.

Cosmo Super Gel

Materials combining unprecedented flexibility and durability


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Air Leak Tester Specialized Switching Valve

It shows its magnificence in the use of air circuits that may not leak.
For situations when it is necessary to switch the workpiece and master, the switching valve is inserted into the precise leak test circuit.
Cosmo Instruments has made available an exclusive switching valve that makes use of the company’s leak test know-how.This ideal switching valve not only stops valve leaks, but also constrains deformations.


Constructing a new building for office and plant in Manesar, Gurugram, Haryana to expand business.
Started a new venture manufacturing plant at Bengaluru.
Took a new shed in Chennai to expand manufacturing business.

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