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Highly precise digital manometer with full 4-digit wide display

Accuracy is ±0.15% of F.S. ± 1 digit

Edge & Function


*Gauge pressure sensor is a capacitance type whose diaphragm is high corrosion resistant and capable of quick response

*Micro differential pressure sensor is an indductance type, which can withstand the pressure 10 times as high as its full scale

*Various measuring ranges available

*Built-in accurate sensor

*Analog output

*DM-3501B comes with upper/lower limit settings


*BCD output: Open collector or TTL type are avaialble

*Analog output: 10V max

*DSP terminal: External voltage display

*External sensor configuration
Standard cable length 3m Accuracy of Spalash-proof sensor (PT-141) is ±0.25% of F.S.

*Panel mount model can be selected from gauge pressure, micro pressure, Positive/Negative pressure

*High corrosion resistance sensor made of SUS316 (for limited ranges)



Micro Pressure (Differential Pressure) Gauge Pressure
Accuracy ±0.15% of F.S. ±1digit
Temperature characteristic (Zero) ±0.03% of F.S./℃
Temperature characteristic (Span) ±0.03% of F.S./℃
Pressure media Non corrrosive gases SUS 630 Corrosion resistance gases or liquids
Transducer type Inductance type Capacitance type
Sensing element Beryllium copper SUS 630 (SUS 316 also available)
Allowable pressure 10 times of F.S. (up to 500kPa) 5MPa or lower range: 2 times of F.S.
Other ranges: 1.5 times of F.S.
Maximum line pressure 2 times of the allowable pressure
Step response 380 ms (99% of F.S.) 110 ms (99% of F.S.)
Display digits 4 digits (0000 to ±9999) LED display
Sampling time 350ms
Upper and lower limit settings (DM-3501B) Digital comparator setting with the digital switch
Upper and lower limit output
Output contact: C contact (Upper/Lower)
Contact rate: AC110V 0.5A
Analog output 1,2,5 VDC Corresponding display
Output impedance:  min, 5kΩ   Ripple: 10mVp-p max.
Power Source AC100V±10V 50/60Hz 0.5A (AC110V also available)
Ambient Temperature 5~40℃
Warmup running Approx. 15 min
Pressure connection port Rc(PT)1/8

Pressure range

Micro Pressure (Differential Pressure) Gauge Pressure (Positive / Negative)
0~200Pa 0~10kPa 0~50kPa 0~2MPa
0~500Pa 0~20kPa 0~100kPa 0~5MPa
0~1kPa 0~50kPa 0~200kPa 0~10MPa
0~2kPa 0~100kPa 0~500kPa 0~20MPa
0~5kPa 0~-101kPa 0~1MPa 0~-101kPa