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Cosmo Calculation Equations for Air Leak Testing


Cosmo Calculation Sheets are multifunctional calculation sheets made in Excel.
Just enter the conditions, and solutions such as the leak rate and the volume equivalent are displayed.
Cosmo Calculation Sheets consist of the following seven calculation sheets.

  • 1. Internal volume and leak rate of air leak testers
  • 2. Leak calibrators
  • 3. Calculations for selecting a leak MASTER
  • 4. Leak rates of gases and liquids
  • 5. Volume and temperature changes
  • 6. Orifice flow
  • 7. Laminar flow tube and flow rate conversion

Download Cosmo Calculation Sheets for free

Cosmo Calculation Sheets can be downloaded and used free of charge by registering from the link below.


  • Excel97~Excel2012
  • Uses macro features.。
  • It is for Windows.

Download for free here