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Employment Opportunities

Why do not you try out the power with the industry share top class, Cosmo Instruments to make a breakthrough!

  • It is a development type venture company that sell automation labour-saving measurement instruments with leading domestic major automobile manufacturers and electronic and electric parts makers as their main users.
  • The main product is auto leak detector “Air Leak Tester” has the top class share in the world and has sales and service bases in 14 domestic and overseas 14 countries.
  • Pressure and flow rate measuring instruments based on original technology have high reliability and contribute to quality improvement of various industrial products.
  • Why do not you work together with this lively Cosmo instrument?

Application Requirements

Starting salary Bachelor’s degree:
Diploma / ITI:
(April 2018 result)
Pay raise Once in a year (April).
Bonus Once in a year (October/November)
Working hours 8: 00 ~ 17: 00 (8 hours working, including 1-hour break)
Holiday / Vacation Holidays: weekly holidays (Saturdays, Sundays), Public holidays.
Welfare Social Insurance: Health Insurance, Group Personal Accident Insurance (GPA).
Education training Training: When entering the company (about 6 months)
Education: On the Job Training/education, various study sessions, correspondence education, participation in various seminars.
Recruitment location Head Office (Manesar, Haryana)
R&D Centre (Bengaluru, Karnataka)
Sales & Service office (Pune, Maharashtra)
Sales & Service office (Chennai, Tamil Nadu)
Wanted jobs Technology (Mechatronics, Software design). Sales · General Affairs ·
Manufacturing. Instrumentation.
Qualification requirements Bachelor’s Degree (Engineering), Diploma / ITI.
Application method Please E-mail to region in charge of recruitment and bring a graduation prospectus / academic transcript resume.
Selection method Appropriate Examination / Writing Examination, Interview.
Selection place Head Office, R&D Centre, Regional Sales & Service office’s.
Contact information Cosmo Instruments (I) Pvt. Ltd.
E-mail :- [email protected]