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Message from the Director

Director’s Message

We are 100% subsidiary company of Cosmo Instruments Co., Ltd. Japan-the global leader in air leak and flow testing.

Since the Air Leak Testing is still a very typical subject and not included in any curriculum of school and college, We, Cosmo Instruments India Pvt. Ltd. taking our part of responsibility to provide a best solution in the field.

In earlier days bubble visual method was largely used, despite of having various issues such as component rusting, cycle time increase, overlooking the minor leakage, etc.
Cosmo invented Air Leak Tester with differential pressure decay method, the perfect solution to overcome all above issues. It does not only detect the nominal leakage, but also gives OK and NG signal with data traceability so as to avoid operator dependency.

Today, we are holding number one market share in India because of our robust and durable product. We feel pride to announce that our product can reduce cycle time up to half, and machine life time to double than the existing one. After dominating all three automotive market segments of Motor cycle, Passenger Car and Commercial vehicle, we still believe that service creates the sales.

So, commitment for a Reliable product, timely service and innovative technology will continue….

Director Cosmo Instruments India Pvt. Ltd.